Littleblood... new twists on old themes


This is Littleblood - It’s an interesting, one-off shop hidden away in the heart of the North Norfolk countryside, Little Walsingham. It’s an unusual shop that combines decorative vintage treasures with a great selection of leather bags. This old brick and flint building used to be an Icon painters studio, then a carpenter’s workshop and is now home to Littleblood and it’s evolving collection of unique & varied objects. There’s an anarchic blend of styles & periods: furniture & lighting that have presence, dramatic pieces that have personality, history and a sense of fun. It’s full of freedom and expression and it shows that an eclectic mix can work well without any rules - in fact the more diverse and contrasting the items are, the better the visual effect often is - the more daring and incongruous the combinations of objects displayed, the more likely the magic will occur…the essence… evocative of ...                       Come and see for yourself !

Littleblood in Little Walsingham

Littleblood is run by Helena Lynch & Jon Baker and the shop is like a personal collection. The compulsion for discovering & unearthing forgotten gems that have a ‘Littleblood’ quality often takes them throughout England, to The Continent and beyond to trawl through fairs, markets and auctions hoping to find something exciting to add to the collection.

In an unexpected way, the selection of leather bags that are in Littleblood are complemented by the vintage items on display. These bags are hand-picked from the source and some are specially designed by Jon & Helena so are exclusive to Littleblood.  All the leather bags have a distinctive style in that they’re made by artisans in Morocco using goatskin and cowhide. Many are hand-crafted, and the honesty in their construction is reflected in the simplicity of their design. People return again & again for these bags.